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Aneesh Kuniyil

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Experienced IT professional with 12+ years of success in leading technology initiatives for reputable organizations.
Aneesh Kuniyil

I am passionate about helping people leverage technology to improve the quality of their lives. With over 12 years of experience in IT infrastructure management, service delivery, IT leadership, digitization, and automation, my mission is to enhance individuals’ productivity, streamline their daily tasks, and support businesses in achieving their maximum potential.

Starting as a Network Administrator in IT, I quickly advanced to IT Management. With my technical expertise, leadership, and effective communication skills, I bridge the gap between business leaders, technology experts, and end-users.

My expertise includes:

  • Delivering exceptional IT solutions (systems, software, infrastructure) to clients and corporations.
  • Successfully delivering multiple IT projects on time, within budget, and with high quality.
  • Establishing strong business relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Developing and leading high-performing IT teams, providing training to enhance their performance.
  • Establishing IT roadmaps, service catalogs, policies, guidelines, and SOPs, and defining pathways for timely accomplishment.
  • Providing top-notch technical support to ensure seamless functioning of software, hardware, and networks within organizations.
  • Providing corporate training for all levels of staff to ensure maximum adaptability to change and evolving technology.

Core Skills

Cross-Functional Management

Leading cross-functional teams, my team and I have achieved success in driving several digital transformation and automation initiatives within our organization. However, this was not without challenges. Working with different teams, each with their own unique skills and perspectives, required effective communication, extensive planning, active listening, stakeholder management and the ability to navigate through potential conflicts. Despite these challenges, our collaborative efforts and commitment to our goals allowed us to achieve increased efficiency and productivity.

People Management​

Proven track record in developing and leading high-performing teams. Skilled in building strong relationships, fostering a positive work culture and driving employee engagement to maximize productivity and success.

service delivery excellence

Service Delivery Excellence

I prioritize end-user satisfaction and strive to deliver top-notch service by emphasizing timeliness and quality. My team and I gather regular feedback and continually improve IT operations for optimal service delivery. By cultivating a customer-focused culture within my team, we positively influence end-users to adapt technology, making their lives easier and more productive.

Team Building

With 12 years of experience, I have developed a strong track record in building and leading successful teams from the ground up. My expertise lies in creating a positive work culture, promoting collaboration, mutual respect, and mentoring team members to drive high performance and achieve established goals. One notable accomplishment was establishing an IT Department from scratch and cultivating a team that successfully executed major infrastructure revamp projects.

IT Project Management

As a seasoned IT project manager, I have delivered diverse projects such as paperless office initiatives, office relocations, IT infrastructure overhauls, and digitization efforts. My comprehensive skills in project planning, risk management, critical thinking, time management, stakeholder communication, and creative problem solving has led to the efficient delivery of high-quality IT solutions. My love for people and ability to communicate effectively have been proven to be an asset in my role as a collaborative and cross-functional leader. I have leveraged these skills to manage complex projects involving multiple business functions, ensuring on-time, on-budget implementation.

IT Infrastructure Management

I possess a wide range of skills in implementing and managing robust and scalable Windows Networks, Firewalls, Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Exchange Online, Document Management Systems, CRMs, Google Workspace, and various productivity tools. My experience in strategic planning, team management, risk management, and vendor management further enables me to effectively manage and maintain high-quality IT infrastructure solutions.

Digitalization & Automation

Through the implementation of innovative technology solutions, my team and I have effectively streamlined operations and improved efficiency through various digitization projects. Notably, we successfully transformed a paper-intensive law firm into a paperless office, leading to increased productivity, reduced costs, and a more collaborative work culture. This transformation also facilitated the organization's seamless transition to remote work when the world was hit by pandemic.

Service Desk Management

I am passionate about empowering people through technology. To ensure end-user satisfaction, I leverage my technical expertise, communication skills, and creative problem-solving abilities to deliver effective technology solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency. My team and I regularly gather feedback and conduct surveys to continuously improve our systems and provide exceptional service that meets the evolving needs of users and business.

Vendor Management

With over a decade of experience managing IT vendors and third-party suppliers, I excel at delivering optimal IT service delivery and performance by leveraging external partnerships. My skills in contract negotiations, vendor management, and relationship building enable me to establish successful partnerships with suppliers and vendors across SEA, resulting in seamless IT operations and improved business outcomes while maintaining high service standards.

Corporate Training

As a skilled corporate trainer, I have successfully trained end-users of all levels on IT systems. With personalized training methods and hands-on experience, I ensure maximum system adaptation and operational success for the business. Having also served as an Associate Trainer in a private school, I have gained valuable experience in facilitating effective and engaging training sessions. I strongly believe that investing in staff training is key to improved efficiency, increased productivity, and overall success. By equipping end-users with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively use IT systems, organizations can achieve their goals and drive growth.

Standards & Policy Development

With a decade of experience in IT systems and security, I have expertly crafted and implemented policies for IT security, data protection, and enforcement. My risk management skills and technical knowledge have improved overall security posture and ensured compliance with industry regulations, resulting in a secure and compliant environment.

Asset Management

Skilled in IT Asset Management, I've helped businesses optimize tech resources, reducing costs, and improve security by efficiently managing hardware and software assets. Experience in inventory management ensures maximum ROI, limiting unnecessary purchases and controlling licensing costs.

Professional Experiences

Current: IT Manager | Mirandah Asia Pte Ltd & Sister company Mirandah Law LLP | Duration: July 2011 - Present

As the IT leader for APAC, my role is to provide strategic planning and day-to-day management of IT operations, maintenance, and security to ensure high-quality service delivery. I oversee the IT roadmap and work with senior leadership, users, and IT team to translate complex technical information into actionable plans.

Additionally, I evaluate and train highly-qualified staff, advise upper management on IT projects, cybersecurity, user feedback, and improvement plans, and conduct training sessions for all levels of staff on IT systems, security policies, and guidelines.

My team and I analyze user requirements and improve systems to meet emerging information needs of the firm.

Some of my major achievements include;

  • Ensured business continuity during COVID-19 by transforming 5 offices to WFH, redesigning network, fine-tuning firewalls, configuring VPNs, and providing training.
  • Relocated offices and established affiliate office in India by planning, designing layout and network, partnering with vendors, IT service providers, and contractors.
  • Spearheaded over 25 projects, meeting contractual obligations by leading IT staff and vendors.
  • Transformed offices from 100% paper-intense to 80% paperless by designing new systems, automating operations, and increasing productivity.
  • Migrated Microsoft Windows Network and File servers to newer versions, designed and customized document management system, and drove cloud adaptation and automation.
  • Steered revamp of in-house CRM and Billing & Accounting Systems to support paperless-office initiative and automation.
  • Drove automation and digitization, thus improving efficiency and productivity by 70%.
  • Reduced IT department employee attrition by establishing a motivational work culture.
  • Monitored contracts and 3rd party vendors to save costs and time.
  • Introduced and set up IT security policies, SOPs, and guidelines.

Network administrator | Mirandah Asia Pte Ltd | Duration: September 2010 till July 2011​

Single-handedly administered the entire IT Infrastructure for the Singapore office. Delivered top-notch technical, desktop support to all staff aimed at determining and fixing desktop systems and supporting hardware and software. Arranged training sessions for the skills enhancement of all staff on IT systems, including Microsoft Office products.

Some of my major achievements include;

  • Conjoined a team of vendors for migrating Windows servers and introducing Microsoft Exchange in the office.
  • Received appreciation from the top management for solely handling overall assigned operations as per expectations.

Early Career

  • ASSOCIATE TRAINER | GENETIaC COMPUTER SCHOOL | Singapore | 2012 – 2013 (Part Time)